What’s the best unscheduled period?

If you have an older sibling then you’ve known since an early age that high school students typically have one or more unscheduled period(s). Sometimes your sibling might get out earlier on one day than the other; or they might go in earlier one day than the next. Students are always asking each other when they are unscheduled, but the real question is which unscheduled period is the best to have?

Poly PAC RIM freshman Emery Escobedo said “I think first because you sort of get a break every other day,” Escobedo is referring to the Green and Gold days at Poly High School. She continued on by saying it would be effortless for students to not have to maintain waking up early every day to get ready for school.

Wilson WAVE ninth grader Emily Oropeza delivered a contrary opinion. “The best period to have unscheduled is seventh or eighth period because you get to go home early”, she said.

“If you go home earlier, then you get more time to do homework,” Oropeza said, “and you’ll be able to go to bed at an earlier time.”

Hypothetically, if you’re able to go to bed at an earlier time that means waking up early should be easier for you, although you would have to do it every day. If you have your first period unscheduled, then you don’t have to wake up as early every day but you never have the chance to get out of school early. Both opinions have their pros and cons. 

Even kids who aren’t in high school yet can have an opinion on the topic. Nelson student James Solares said, “I think the best one is last period because then your day ends quicker.”

His words were similar to Oropezas’. “You have more time to do your assignments and stuff.” Geometry and algebra teacher Chay Tachaong has first and eighth periods as her conference (unscheduled) periods. This means she experiences both sides of the expressed opinions stated earlier, but she still prefers one over the other.

“I like having either 7th or 8th conference so I can help students after school,” said Tachaong. 

Out of all the students and teachers interviewed, 75% said they typically prefer having seventh or eighth period as their unscheduled period. So it’s safe to reasonably believe the last two periods are the best unscheduled periods.