High Life

Humans of Poly: 2014-2015



"I enjoy the social aspect of lunch because I get to hang with my friends."
Mary Allen, Senior
“I enjoy the social aspect of lunch because I get to hang with my friends.”



Isabel Olson, Freshman
“[Books have taught me] that it’s still worth it to crack up.”




Andrea Porizek, Senior (Right)
“The best thing that has happened to me is coming here to Poly.”




Stephen Garrett, Senior
“I like that you get to express yourself through pictures instead of words.”




Sebastian Perez, Junior (Center)
“He doesn’t want to lay on the floor. He wants to lay somewhere clean.”



Paradise Wash, Sophomore
“What’s your saddest memory?”
“My uncle dying. It was a couple days ago. He always used to let us take his hat.”



Alewa Anaya, Freshman
“My favorite part of music is the tempo of the music, whether it’s slow or fast…My dad always tells me that he used to sing to me at night when I was little, and I would sing along with him.”




Kimberly Gomez and Jessica Gonzalez, Seniors
What’s your favorite thing about your best friend?
“She’s really funny and energetic.”





Tyrin Collier, Senior
What do you like the most about music?
“I just find entertainment in it. I don’t leave my house without my headphones. It fills the day with something else besides walking around.”



Abraham Vargas, Sophomore
What do you take into account when you get dressed in the morning?
“Take into account? I just do it!”
How do you get people to respect you?
“You gotta give respect to get respect.”




Elissa Ortiz, Freshman

“What scared you the most about coming to Poly?”
“I have social anxiety, so just the way people are.”



Sydney Fernandez, Freshman

“What’s your favorite thing about clothes?”
“The uniqueness in a person.”



Israel Briceno (right), Senior

What are you going to do next year, since you’re a senior?
“Go to school. Again.”



Andy Thuc, Freshman

“What’s your favorite thing about Poly?”



Jizan Stinson, Sophmore

“I go to bed late, so getting up in the morning is the hardest thing.”



Jesus Cordero, Senior with
Heaven Delcid, Senior

“She helps me stay focused.”



Edward Hockett, College Student Aid

What’s the best part about working at Poly after graduation?
“It’s mostly the changes you see and giving back to the school that did so much for me.



Janet Olmos & Yasmin Alfaro, Juniors

“I kind of forgot how we met.”


Picture1 (2)


Tracy Smith, Senior

“It’s a really good feeling being able to help other people.”



Kalani Rose & Kendrick Tan, Seniors

What’s the best part about having a peer counselor?
“It’s someone you can vent to, who has sworn to a life of confidentiality.”



Carlos Silva, Senior
“Have you ever gotten that message on your phone about restarting?”






Collen Chenault & Daniela Emery, Seniors

What was the best part of prom?
“The DJ.”
“Yes, the DJ.”