High Life

Deep dish pizza with bacon and pepperoni

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse: An Amazing Experience

Jaylan Miller, Contributing Writer March 19, 2021

This has been an amazing experience. BJ’s Restaurant in Torrance, Ca. was the perfect place to order takeout. We ordered a Wing Dinner and some Salmon, Salad and Green Beans. When arriving to pick...

A closer look inside bag of seafood.

Honest Review of the Restaurant Claws

Alyssa Thomas, Contributing Writer March 19, 2021

Seafood is one of the most versatile foods. Different types of seafood, different ways to eat/cook it; there are so many options that seafood can please everyone. One of the options that I personally...

How Awesome is this Sushi? Very

Cece Hallock, Contributing Writer March 19, 2021

Picture a Ma 'n Pa shop mixed with a trendy, modern sushi joint, and what comes to mind will probably look a lot like Awesome Sushi. Located on the corner of Clark Avenue and Willow Street, this restaurant...

The Weeknd’s “After Hours” album — a story about a beautifully toxic relationship

The Weeknd’s “After Hours” album — a story about a beautifully toxic relationship

Jenelle Macapaz, Contributing Writer March 18, 2021

When fans and other music enthusiasts learned that three-time Grammy winner The Weeknd was not nominated for a Grammy this year, despite his record-breaking feats and well-received praise from music critics,...

Zion is in the festive Halloween spirit.

New Dog in Town

Kelly Rodriguez, Staff Writer October 15, 2020

This is Zion, my dog. The small dog is my sister’s dog, named King. We are going to talk about King first. We got King when he was two weeks old. My mom got him from my grampa for $50. We have had...

700 Mystery

Briana Mendez-Padilla, Arts and Culture Editor December 6, 2019

On November 5th during 4th period, teachers throughout campus received an ambiguous email stating to not allow students to leave class. Jackie Lazatin, health care analysis teacher, said students who...

Doin’ it all for the (Kindness) Gram

Chansochata Thon, Feature Editor December 6, 2019

What can make your day better than a written card from your friend addressing how thankful they are for you? Of course, money and materialistic items might cause a feeling of happiness, short term, but...

Awareness Month

Zinia Francis, Staff Writer November 6, 2019

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month in many parts of the world. Breast cancer awareness is an effort to increase recognition of the disease and reduce the shame brought on to one by education...

Book Review: The History of Long Beach Poly: Scholars and Champions

Paloma Murillo, News Editor November 6, 2019

Although it is not on the New York Times Best Sellers list, the new book The History of Long Beach Poly: Scholars and Champions is getting a lot of attention these days in not only Poly, but the whole...

SAT/PSAT Study-a-Thon at the College and Career Center

Chansonchata Thon, Feature Editor November 6, 2019

October, characterized notoriously for the horrors and goosebumps, took another form of scary on October 15; this time in the form of a test. A test that lasted for a treacherous five hours. The Scholastic...

What’s New with the CARE Center

Madeline Milton, Copy Editor November 6, 2019

High school is stressful for even the most successful of students. Whether because of the schoolwork itself or something else happening at home or between relationships, the CARE Center in Room 205 provides...

Spilling the Tea on the AP Cafe

Spilling the Tea on the AP Cafe

Madeline Milton, Copy Editor November 6, 2019

The AP Cafe is now open for business periods 7 and 8 and after school until 4 p.m. on the second floor of the 100 building. The AP Cafe first opened last school year as a safe place for AP students to...

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