High Life

Why Saturday School?

Liz Rico, News Editor

April 17, 2019

Saturday school has been more of a serious matter, this school year. In what the purpose of saturday school serves, is for students to make up “work and also days of absences”, stated by Robert Shock. The range between freshman to seniors, may be considered to go. They’re given the opportunity...

The Competitive Nature of PACE

Joy Rowden, Staff Writer

April 19, 2018

PACE being the oldest  specialized program in the Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD), it was not surprising that the number of qualified applicants has increased. A problem arose when the final number of incoming ninth graders exceeded the maximum spaces available in the PACE ninth grade class. The...

Behind the Crime Scenes!

Behind the Crime Scenes!

Yesenia Pacheco, Feature Editor

February 9, 2018

When I first thought of this article,  it was because I was     curious to see what our Poly CSO’s do with their lives outside of school. Have you ever been curious as to what your teachers do in their spare time? Surely they have something they like to do aside from all that grading The gate w...