High Life

Cleanliness and Safety as Lockdown Lifts

Xandria Hines, Staff Writer May 4, 2021

Although cleanliness in most public spaces is kept up by janitorial staff or maid services, the CDC recommends that you also take preventative measures of your own. The Center for Disease and Control...

Space X : A New Space Race

Matt Donahue, Staff Writer March 8, 2018

    In 1903 man took flight for the first time. In 1969 one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind was made, and in 2017 Space X set the bar for reusable rockets. On...

Possibility of Care Center Closing

Possibility of Care Center Closing

Ashlyn Morgan, Staff Writer March 8, 2018

Is it true that the C.A.R.E Center closing, as people have been saying? Could the one safe place for some people on campus really be going away? Well the rumors are somewhat true. Sadly, as far as it is...

Where Did Everybody Go?

Izzie Hallock, News Editor February 23, 2018

After an explosion of tweets and posts regrading the threats of an alleged school shooting, many students decided to stay home from school on February 21. That morning,  Superintendent Chris Steinhauser...

Honor Choir and the Long Beach Symphony performing their first show.

Choristers Get Opportunity of a Lifetime

Elaina Miskiel, Editor-in-Chief February 9, 2018

On Wednesday, January 31 and Thursday, February 1, LBUSD’s high school honor choir  performed alongside the Long Beach Symphony at the Terrace Theater for third through fifth graders. The honor choir...

Creativity at its Finest

Creativity at its Finest

Avannah Frazier, Staff Writer January 19, 2018

A new mural and garden have recently been added to the school. Both the mural and garden are located northeast of the 600 building. The mural was created by one of Poly’s very own students. Ahmad Ali,...

The Wait Pays Off

The Wait Pays Off

Kennelly Khem, Staff Writer January 19, 2018

On December 19, 2017, Poly had its grand re-opening for its auditorium after an almost three-year renovation. The service was held at the side entrance on 15th Street and included a ribbon-cutting ceremony,...

The U.S. Navy, Air Force, Army, Marine, and Coast Guard offer scholarships.

ROTC Pays College Tuition

Akira Johnson, News Editor November 3, 2017

It is officially college season and this is the time when high school seniors are working on college applications and looking for any and all ways to get money for tuition. Unfortunately, not all scholarships...

DACA is Still a Thing

DACA is Still a Thing

Jessica Garcia, Staff Writer November 3, 2017

About 9 months into his presidency, Donald Trump has managed to repeatedly mortify many Hispanic families. Apart from the fact that he is still working on building his “border wall,” he has repealed...

Computers were being delivered to teacher Laura Stringer’s contemporary video classroom in room 804.

Video Class Receives Grant

Yesenia Pacheco, Feature Editor November 3, 2017

Contemporary Video is a class that allows students to explore the world of film, from scriptwriting to editing. The class can be difficult for students, even more so without the proper equipment. Contemporary...

Pac Rim, PACE, and CIC Offer Shadow Program for 8th Grade Students

Joy Rowden, Staff Writer November 3, 2017

With November approaching quickly, seniors at Poly are deciding where they would like to attend college. However, seniors are not the only ones choosing their next destination for their education– eighth...

Pink & Powerful

Pink & Powerful

David Moore, Staff Writer November 3, 2017

Cancer.  It’s something that has affected many American families.  From adolescence to adulthood, trauma from this disease can last a lifetime.  It can not only affect the individual, but the people...

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