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Students Struggle with Screen Time, Home Environments During Virtual Learning

November 4, 2020

Long Beach Unified School District students have different opinions when talking about virtual learning.  Ever since the pandemic shut down all the schools on March 13, students have been learning...

Students, Teachers, Parents All Affected by Virtual Learning

November 4, 2020

In California, the COVID-19 outbreak has racked up to over 946,000 cases in total, with Los Angeles County accounting for 311,000+ cases of it. Ever since late March, students, teachers, as well as parents...

Boredom Strikes: What to do when class is over?

November 2, 2020

This school year has already been different from anything students have ever experienced. Most students start school at 7:50 am. We wake up to open our computer sometimes not even getting ready for the...

My Braces Experience

My Braces Experience
November 2, 2020

I feel at some point everyone wanted to have braces whether you needed them or not. Prior to me having braces, I would see people with them, and I never really realized that these people were having their...

New Dog in Town

Zion is in the festive Halloween spirit.
October 15, 2020

This is Zion, my dog. The small dog is my sister’s dog, named King. We are going to talk about King first. We got King when he was two weeks old. My mom got him from my grampa for $50. We have had...

My New Normal: Kelly Rodriguez

October 2, 2020

When I first wake up I get my Chromebook to start my first period without getting ready. Sometimes I sleep in my class or watch youtube when my teachers are not talking or when I am done with my work....

How Covid-19 Affects Youth’s Mental Health

How Covid-19 Affects Youth's Mental Health
May 22, 2020

Mental health, though often stigmatized, has been an issue since before Covid 19 shifted our everyday lives. Now, as stay at home orders displace us from our work and school environments and our everyday...

Less Jammed? Time to Drive!

May 4, 2020

I learned that to get the streets to become less jammed, it takes a quarantine. During quarantine, life outside has been far from busy. The stores are emptier, fewer people are outside, and the streets...

$1 Million Raised for Long Beach Coronavirus Relief Fund

Medical worker exits the Long Beach VA hospital after a shift
April 13, 2020

In the wake of many businesses being shut down and many workers finding themselves without work, the City of Long Beach in partnership with the Long Beach Community Foundation started a Coronavirus Relief...

Things are Changing in Long Beach

Scenes from the Rapid Assessment Clinic in LBCC (Friday April 10)
April 11, 2020

How the City is Staying Ahead   The date was March 4. Robert Garcia made the decision to place Long Beach in a state of emergency. At that time there were no known cases of coronavirus in the...

Long Beach Hospitals prepare for rush of patients among COVID-19 outbreak

Long Beach Hospitals prepare for rush of patients among COVID-19 outbreak
April 8, 2020

As of April 8, Long Beach has a total of 256 confirmed cases of Novel Coronavirus, a number which Mayor Garcia says is expected to rise exponentially in the coming weeks. All businesses deemed non-essential...

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