High Life

Oil and Instructor Changes

Keola Davidson, Contributing Writer

November 6, 2019

The Long Beach Poly automotive classes are under new instruction, as the previous teachers have retired. Michael Schenkelberg is the new instructor, and this is his second year at Poly. “The class isn’t just to learn about cars, it’s a life skill,” he said. The class helps you learn about basic...

Welcome, New Staff!

David Rodriguez

October 14, 2019

Maria Salazar By Reymar Santos Maria Salazar, the new ASB secretary, is excited to work here at Polytechnic High School. She lives on the west side of Long Beach, but her family is originally from Mexico. She is the first generation from her family to become a citizen in the US. Her family is origin...

Dancers En Pointe!

Dancers En Pointe!

Kennelly Khem, Staff Writer

December 1, 2017

On November 16, the Long Beach Poly dance program had their annual winter show. This year’s recital included various levels of performers such as PE 10, Dance 7-8 tech, and the Dance Team. Poly’s first hip-hop dance team, H2M, was also featured in the show and gave a great performance. ...

New Bunnies to the Bunch

Jessica Alcala, Morgan Luke, Carl Olson, Alexis Phaniphon, Briana Pereira, Nia Thompson, and Taryn Wash

September 24, 2015

“I graduated from Poly, and I want to give back to the program that made me who I am.” Thanh Van, AP Physics “[I will help] students pass their classes by providing them with good teaching everyday and keeping the students busy.” Steven Goodman, Special Education “[A] safe ha...