High Life

The Inn of Sin

M.W. Yang October 29, 2020

It was snowing heavily as the man in the brown coat entered the lone inn in the middle of nowhere. Little did he know that he had just entered the jaws of death. The innkeeper was a kind old lady who...

Monthly Mythology: October

Monthly Mythology: October

Chansochata Thon and M.W. Yang October 29, 2020

Hecate: The Halloween Queen Have you ever heard of the Halloween queen?  In Greek mythology, there was a goddess named Hecate who is known as the Halloween queen for her “witch-like figure.”...

High-Five Fridays Frighten Introverts

Briana Mendez-Padilla, Arts and Culture Editor February 18, 2020

  As an introvert, there is nothing more terrifying than to see a group of bubbly people standing in line on a Friday morning with their hands ready to give you a high five.    Yet this is exactly...

Australian Fires a Call to Action

Australian Fires a Call to Action

Chansothata Thon, Feature Editor January 29, 2020

We can not continue this way. This is not normal. The catastrophic fires raging within Australia’s forests are not normal. The one billion animals dead and eight thousand dead koalas is not normal. As...

Iran vs. America

Sebastian Lebario, Staff Writer January 29, 2020

The two countries have been feuding since the 1980’s after there were disagreements from the 1979 Iranian Revolution. But when the U.S had an embargo on trade with Iran in 1995, things got very serious...

World War 3 LOLs

Reymar Santos, Staff Writer January 29, 2020

“2020 is going to be my year!” World in 2020: Brink of WW3, Australian wildfires, no girlfriend, living in Grandfather’s old shack. ***** The government is drafting kids because they know all the...

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