High Life

Students, Teachers, Parents All Affected by Virtual Learning

November 4, 2020

In California, the COVID-19 outbreak has racked up to over 946,000 cases in total, with Los Angeles County accounting for 311,000+ cases of it. Ever since late March, students, teachers, as well as parents...

My New Normal: Kelly Rodriguez

October 2, 2020

When I first wake up I get my Chromebook to start my first period without getting ready. Sometimes I sleep in my class or watch youtube when my teachers are not talking or when I am done with my work....

Welcome, New Staff!

David Rodriguez
October 14, 2019

Maria Salazar By Reymar Santos Maria Salazar, the new ASB secretary, is excited to work here at Polytechnic High School. She lives on the west side of Long Beach, but her family is originally from...

Teachers you can trust

October 31, 2018

Poly is known for being diverse and making friends is an easy task, with the majority of students being very warm and welcoming towards each other. However, only a certain percentage of those students...

Everyone Deserves Respect, Including Our Teachers

Everyone Deserves Respect, Including Our Teachers
February 23, 2017

Sadly, the reality nowadays is that many students do not have much respect for teachers. Since the day I entered middle school, I witnessed many students who came to class calling their teachers some derogatory...

New Bunnies to the Bunch

The Poly family has added 21 new faculty members this school year. Here is what they have to say about their new home.
September 24, 2015

“I graduated from Poly, and I want to give back to the program that made me who I am.” Thanh Van, AP Physics “[I will help] students pass their classes by providing them with...

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