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Top 5 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas during the Pandemic

Alexander Phouma, Staff Writer February 10, 2021

Here are my topics for Valentines Day Dates for this year 1. Picnics! Picnics are probably one of the most classic dates to go on. Picnics are where you would pack a bunch of your favorite foods...

Alternatives to Valentines In-Person Dates

(all of which can be done while socially distant)
Caleb Dunomes, Staff writer February 10, 2021

For those that love movie theaters, you can have a virtual watch party!  For those that love movie nights and miss in person movie theaters, an online movie date would be a safer alternative. The use...

Ah Valentine’s Day

Madeleine Lavi, Contributing Artist February 18, 2020

The Greatest Loss

Madeline Milton, Staff Writer February 18, 2020

We’re Just Friends!

Melissa De La Cruz, Feature Page Editor February 18, 2020

If you’re creative enough, those same gifts that are originally made for a significant other can easily be turned into gifts for your friends. However, here are some gift ideas you can also make or buy...

Sweetheart Gifts

Melissa De La Cruz, Feature Page Editor February 18, 2020

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, several couples are beginning to prepare their gifts for their significant others as a form of appreciation Chocolate- make your partner’s day the...

The Signs on Valentines Day

Judas Noboa, Staff Writer February 13, 2019

Aries: Starting a riot Taurus: Watching romance movies while crying Gemini: At the beach with their friends Cancer: Having dinner about to be proposed to and says no Leo: On a date at Disneyland Virgo:...

Valentines Day Horoscopes!

Natale Roche, Staff Writer February 9, 2018

Aries: Goes for someone way out of their league Taurus: Is still dating their middle school crush Gemini: Falls i n love with a new person every week Cancer: Makes you meet their mom before...

What is the Ideal Date?

Oluchi Ofoebgu, Staff Writer February 9, 2017

My ideal date is anything that someone put their effort and creativity into. It doesn't have to be expensive; it should just be enjoyable and fun. Some examples of some great first date ideas are active...

I Hate High School Couples and You Should Too

I Hate High School Couples and You Should Too

jordyn Saunder, Staff Writer February 9, 2017

“Oh my God I have like the best boyfriend ever! He’s so romantic!” Who. The Hell. Cares? Stop bragging about your boyfriend, you both are so irrelevant. What? You think you’re something special...

Does Valentine’s = Love?

Does Valentine’s = Love?

Yesenia Pacheco, Arts & Culture Editor February 9, 2017

Love is a very beautiful thing. It can be possible for two soulmates to find each other at such a young age, but all this puppy love makes me roll my eyes so far back in my head, I’m scared they’ll...

Perfect Timing: A Love Story

Perfect Timing: A Love Story

Rebecca Lopez, Staff Writer February 9, 2017

Savanna was shy, but a very sweet girl. There was a huge party coming up and her friends practically begged her to go. After a while she finally gave in. When she got to the party she expected her friends...

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